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Block & Spiel – White Cubes or Shop Windows? Wednesday 7th March. University of Sunderland

Questioning the display and selling spaces of art from art fairs and commercial gallery spaces – where high-culture meets commerce – to public galleries. Architects and curators David Kohn, Marianne Mueller and Clare Carolin engage in a table-top discussion referencing current and recent projects and examples. In considering how these spaces are designed and curated, this seminar questions what the differences are, perceptually or physically, between the commercial space of art and that of the museum.

This research seminar, curated by Block magazine, is part of a series focusing on questions of art and space. Chaired by Rob Wilson, Editor, Block.

Block is a new magazine for writing – review, reflection, story, poem, or polemic – on architecture, built space and the city and its representation or exploration through sketch, photograph or graphic image. Block aims to present architecture’s reflection across a wider field of contemporary culture, and its place within it. Each issue is themed and the content combines documentary, commentary, opinion and critique, the fictional and the imaginary.


David Kohn, David Kohn Architects (designer of Stuart Shave/Modern Art and Thomas Dane Gallery, London).

Clare Carolin, Deputy Head of Programme, Curating Contemporary Art, The Royal College of Art.

Marianne Mueller, Casper Mueller Kneer Architects (designer of White Cube Bermondsey, London and the Boros Collection, Berlin).

Wednesday 7th March. 5pm.

Fine Art – Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, University of Sunderland, Ashburne House, Ryhope Road, Sunderland SR2 7EF

The event is free but please RSVP: mail@blockmagazine.co.uk

Image: Thomas Dane Gallery. Courtesy David Kohn Architects.

Block & Spiel II_White Cubes, Shop Windows


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