Jonathan Vickery

Dr. Jonathan Vickery is Associate Professor and MA Program Director in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick, UK. He has innovated two masters in management at Warwick, the first in International Design and the second in Global Media. He has been a Henry Moore research fellow, a director of The Aesthesis Project, and executive editorial board member of Aesthesis: International Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Management and Organizational Life, and reviews editor and regular contributor to Art & Architecture Journal.

In 2011, with Jeremy Hunt, he wrote the thematic entry on Public art in the twenty-first century for Grove Art Online / Oxford University Press; and ‘Public Art in the new Millennium in (Dis)Locations: Exile, Topology, Relocation, a compendium of contemporary public art / space thinking published by the Master of Art & Design for the Public Space, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Porto. He has published articles on public art, regeneration and art theory and works as an art critic, most recently for Art of England and Art Review.

His area of research is concerned with cultural politics and the public sphere. He has worked with artists creating intellectual dialogue and his own understanding of the conditions of contemporary art. In particular:

  • Jochen Gerz during his Coventry project ‘Public Authorship’
  • Colin Halliday discussing work that articulated both nature in the urban and urban in the natural, and our contemporary experience of space and environment.
  • with Diarmuid Costello co-edited: Art: Key Contemporary Thinkers (Oxford: Berg, 2007).
  • editor and author of FLASH@Hebburn by Charles Quick (London: A&AJ).
  • researching and interviewing Christo, Joseph Kosuth and Michelangelo Pistoletto for AAJ Press Films.


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