AAJ Press Editor – Jeremy Hunt



Jeremy Hunt is director of AAJ Press (Art & Architecture Journal Press) a writer, lecturer and consultant on art architecture and the culture of public space +  Writer: Anthology of Art in Fiction, a survey of the artist in fiction from Apelles to Houllebecq   +  Visiting Professor: Russian Academy of Art, Firenze, Italia   +  Consultant: Atelier Azulejaria, Rio de Janeiro   +   Board Advisor / Writer-in-Residence: The Cornelius Arts Foundation, London / Lagamas, France   +  Trustee: Deal Pier Arts, contemporary art festival, Deal, Kent   +   Writer: Liber Topia – The Art Walk, and Linz Adagia – The Dark Times, in collaboration with Darryl Georgiou  + Writer: Liber Via (The Book of the Road), a walk on the Via Francigena, from Anglesey to Rome +  Writer: poem / libretto, The Passion at Lagamas, commissioned and performed by Musarc, April 2014, London Metropolitan University  + 

 Advisor: Takayuki Ishii, ‘Street Grammar’, MA Narrative Environments, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London

editor@aajpress.com  –
twitter: #artmot

twitter: #artinfiction
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blog: https://aajpress.wordpress.com

blog: http://artinfiction.wordpress.com


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