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Fabergé ‘Big Egg’ Charity Egg Hunt and Auction, 21st March – 22nd April 2012

The Big Egg Hunt is an art and charity event where 219 eggs, each 1-metre high and decorated by artists, architects, designers, jewellers, fashion and media celebrities have been placed across London. Art charity management is a growing activity and the global genre of decorated urban polymer-based fauna (cows, dogs, elephants, cockerels, tigers, crocodiles, orang-utans, and hornbills have been spotted) is decorative, ephemeral and raises money for charitable activities via an online auction and The Big Egg Shop at Selfridges. Its not quite the Italian Renaissance, but it is a street-art amuse-geule for visitors from Alaska searching for swinging London, those with hyperactive small children, and Notting Hill Trustafarian art collectors. In addition the creators have some fun and publicity, and so it is all fairly harmless. It is also, amazingly, an event taking place in London in 2012 that has not been claimed as a London 2012 Cultural Olympiad activity and therefore a missed opportunity for audience participation and broadening the demographic for art accessibility.There is also an additional element of audience reward via an Easter Egg Hunt with the possibility of winning a Diamond Easter Egg with a value of £100,000. It involves some leg-work and an understanding of mobile telephone technology with full details available online. Mobile phone text entries are open from Tuesday 21st February to Tuesday 3rd April. The decorative eggs are not unattractive and include designs by Sinta Tantra, Luke Irwin, the Chapman Brothers, Zaha Hadid, Marc Quinn, Peter Blake, Andrew Logan, Rob and Nick Carter, and Fabergé’s Le Collier Plume d’Or , designed by Katharina Flohr, an emerald and gold pendant, set with moonstones, emeralds and rose diamonds.

Sinta Tantra’s Racing Green (Egg) is an ovoid sphere with a wrapped tessellated pattern. The hanging egg is inspired by a particular shade of green associated with cars and English dandyism, such as Oscar Wilde’s green carnation. The word green is closely related to the old english verb growan, “to grow” which relates to the Big Egg’s charity’s theme of individually and collective betterment.

Fabergé ‘Big Egg’ Charity Egg Hunt and Auction, 21st March – 22nd April 2012 – to benefit Action for Children and Elephant Family.

Images: Sintra Tantra, Zaha Hadid, Rob and Nick Carter. Marc Quinn, Andrew Logan, Luke Irwin.



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