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Alberto Burri – Cretto di Burri, Sicily – Architecture, Sculpture, Space

Alberto Burri, 1915-1995, is recognised as a central figure working in Arte Povera, concerned with the integrity of poor and unorthodox industrial materials such as jute sacking, metal, plastic, tar, sand, glue and fire. He also combined architecture, sculpture and space in the  creation of one of the largest landscape artworks in Europe. The Cretto di Burri … Continue reading

EDIFICE, COMPLEX, VISIONARY, STRUCTURE, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. 6 January – 3 February 2018

EDIFICE, COMPLEX, VISIONARY, STRUCTURE, at the Sean Kelly Gallery, New York is a group exhibition featuring gallery artists who engage with the construct of architecture in their practices in a variety of ways. Their work explores how our concept of architecture describes physical structures, references the design of organic and man-made systems, and explains plastic concepts. The … Continue reading

Art in the Open: Fifty Years of Public Art in New York

Until the 1960s, most public art in New York City was limited to war memorials, civic-minded murals, or relief sculpture embodying universal values like “Fraternity” or “Wisdom.” But the late 1960s brought a new era that embraced the individual artist’s voice and vision in the public realm. In the years since, hundreds of innovative art … Continue reading

Art Commissions: Bloomberg New London HQ, Foster+Partners

Michael Craig-Martin, Olafur Eliasson, Arturo Herrera, Cristina Iglesias, David Tremlett and Pae White have been commissioned to create site-specific works for Bloomberg’s new European headquarters and the surrounding public realm. An additional new commission by Isabel Nolan for Bloomberg SPACE joins  an existing work by Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell. The building in the City of London, by Foster + Partners, aims to encourage collaboration and … Continue reading

Lilah Fowler: 14537/9431. Public art at the New Bridewell student housing, Bristol

A new public art installation by LilahFowler has been completed in a pedestrian walkway, New Bridewell, in the centre of Bristol. The piece, entitled ‘14537/9431’, forms the public art strategy of the New Bridewell student housing development. The work explores how  our  landscape  is  intertwined with technology and consists of two brightly coloured patterns cover one large façade, their visibility and arrangement shifting as they are walked past. The angle of the images means each is only fully visible from opposite sides of the walkway, forcing a viewpoint that is temporarily achieved. ‘14537/9431’ connects the two patterns displayed derived from a custom built computer programme, using changing, arbitrary datapoints to generate unlimited unique patterns; two of these computer generated patterns have been applied onto the fins that line the building’s façade. Fowler worked with a programmer to develop the software in response to several aspects of Bristol’s industrial and intellectual history. This includes the theoretical physicist Paul Dirac (1902-1984) who was born and raised in Bristol and educated at theUniversity of Bristol, and who went on to win a Nobel Prize (shared with, and somewhat overshadowed by Erwin Schrödinger). Dirac established a general theory of quantum mechanics and is considered thefounder of the field of quantum electrodynamics; a field that later resulted in the development of almost every form of our current electronic devices. Subsequently, much later in the 1980s, … Continue reading


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