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Michael Pinsky – Plunge: 7 February – 4 March 2012, London

Michael Pinsky’s Plunge is a simple, elegant statement concerning climate change and rising sea-levels with three illuminated blue rings placed at  a height of 28 metres above sea-level on three monuments in central London – The Duke of York Column – Seven Dials Sundial Pillar – Paternoster Square Pillar. A string of low energy blue LED lights wrapped around each monument marks a time, 1000 years in the future, when sea level rises have changed the city to create a symbolic visual arc following the line of a future Thames across a submerged central London. Plunge offers an opportunity to see them in a new light, to think about their place in our history and their place in the city. A height of 28 metres above current sea level was chosen for Plunge. It may be 1000 years or more before London is as dramatically affected, but many parts of the world, including low-lying coastal areas around the UK, are in more immediate danger from rising sea levels. Although an increase of this size in average sea levels seems a long way off, the impact of sea level rises will be seen much sooner in the devastating effects of flooding, storm surge and tidal variations.

Plunge has been created by Michael Pinsky and produced by Artsadmin and LIFT as part of the Imagine 2020 network programme. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the European Culture Programme, Trust Greenbelt, WWF-UK and the Big Give. In partnership with Royal Parks, Seven Dials Trust and Paternoster Square Management Limited.

Seven Dials Sundial Pillar. Photograph by Julian Andrews.

Paternoster Square Column. Photograph by Julian Andrews

The Duke of York Column. Photograph by Kristian Buus


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