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Great Fire 350 : London’s Burning

Artichoke’s festival of arts and ideas, London’s Burning, marked 350 years since the Great Fire of London in 1666. The festival programme included a range of artworks that explored the historical and contemporary themes of the Fire presented through art installations, performances and talks. Watch the finale of London’s Burning, London 1666, a large scale representation of 17th … Continue reading

Bill Viola. Mary, St Paul’s Cathedral, London. September 2016

Mary, the second permanent large-scale video installation for St Paul’s Cathedral created by the internationally acclaimed artist Bill Viola, will be inaugurated in the North Quire aisle of the cathedral on 8 September 2016 to coincide with the Feast of Mary (Press View: 9 September 09:00 to 10:00). Mary has been conceived as a companion piece to Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, … Continue reading

Alberobello Light Festival, Apulia, Italy. July 23 – 31, 2016

The Alberobello Light Festival in Apulia, southern Italy, presents multimedia and light installations, video mapping, and performances by international artists André Banha, Claudia Reh, Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Sługocki, Tilen Sepič, Mario and Dimitri (Maro Avrobou and Dimitri Xenakis), Bulb (Cyril Minois and Pascale Delaye), Matthew Watkins, in the evocative architecture of a UNESCO World Heritage … Continue reading

Le Grand BanKet de Françoise Schein. Centrale art centre, Brussels 26 June 2016

Le Grand BanKet is a participatory project in Brussels initiated by Françoise Schein to create an installation of ten tables in public space and a public feast. As a climax to the participatory project based on meeting of people, and the free expression of making art without the aim of making art, the banquet feast … Continue reading

Hew Locke: Hemmed In Two. Installation at PAMM, Peréz Art Museum Miami

Hew Locke’s Hemmed in Two is part boat, part package, part infestation, a personal reflection on the global commodification of culture and its history; the barcodes acknowledge that this art-piece is itself a commodity which can become cargo or freight as soon as it leaves the studio.  Cardboard is worldwide the standard shipping material for … Continue reading