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Fonds Belval, Luxembourg: Call for applications: International Production Residencies for Artists

Belval, Luxembourg

Fonds Belval has initiated Public Art Experience, a ten year long cultural strategy, which sets out to engage the public in the transformation of Belval through an innovative programme of international production residencies. Stéphanie Delcroix andMichael Pinsky have been selected as the artistic directors for the first series of residencies.

Belval is the site of a former steelworks which has received heritage status. The factory and its blast furnaces have been largely preserved whilst new buildings are being constructed in and around its edifice. Fonds Belval, the public body in charge of the building works, is now turning the fallow site into the Cité des Sciences, an important scientific and cultural centre, including the University of Luxembourg.

BeHave, the title of the inaugural residencies, reflects on possible ways of being together in the specific context of Belval, questioning the “order of things’ and the role the artist can play in disrupting what are considered to be norms.

Six residencies will run between September 2015 and August 2016:

Two three-month residences providing an honorarium of €14,000
Two six-month residences providing an honorarium of €28,000
Two nine-month residences providing an honorarium of €42,000

A significant production budget will be allocated to each residency. A studio space will be provided on-site, as well as accommodation up to the value of €1000 per month.

DelcroixPinsky – Call for Artists: Production Residencies in Belval

Further Information: http://delcroixpinsky.com/international-artist-residency-programme-luxembourg/


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