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Billboard for Edinburgh – 2013-14. Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

Jamie Shovlin is the 23rd artist to make a work for Ingleby Gallery’s public art project Billboard for Edinburgh. His billboard text comes from a notice placed in microfilm copies of the Tehran Times denoting missing or damaged content in the archive. In an unusual take on the Billboard for Edinburgh project, Shovlin has created an edition of fifty unique, hand-painted screenprints each of which use the original text as a starting point but reconstruct it by masking and revealing different elements.

Jamie Shovlin (b. 1978) is interested in the balance between truth and fiction and our perception of the world around us. His interventions often challenge us to re-think or question our understanding of reality. His work first received international recognition in 2004 when he staged an exhibition based around the drawings of disappeared schoolgirl Naomi V. Jelish. Supporting newspaper cuttings and diaries were also displayed alongside the works and the full archive was purchased by contemporary art collector Charles Saatchi. Halfway through the exhibition Shovlin revealed that the archive was in fact false and that Naomi V. Jelish was an anagram of his own name. In 2006, Shovlin created another exhibition based on the memorabilia of a non-existent German glam rock band called Lustfaust. This project was supported by a network of fake websites created by Shovlin and earned him a nomination for the Beck’s Futures prize. Jamie Shovlin.18 February 2014 – 16 May 2014

jamie shovlin_billboard

View of Jamie Shovlin’s 10 x 13.3 ft Billboard for Edinburgh installation

jamie shovlin_shovlin_1Billboard for Edinburgh: David Austen. 14 November 2013 – 18 February 2014

david austen_love_town_web_0 david austen_love_town

Billboard for Edinburgh: Marine Hugonnier. 1 May 2013 – 24 July 2013

On first glance, Hugonnier’s subtle image appears to be simply a black rectangle but on closer inspection clusters of white stars slowly reveal themselves. Her image is a found photograph, purchased from a Parisian flea-market. Written on the reverse of the black and white photograph in French was the text “the sky the night we walked on the moon”. Whether this is a genuine image of the sky on that historic night in 1969 is unknown.


Billboard for Edinburgh: Peter Doig. 25 July 2013 – 14 November 2013

Peter Doig was the 21st artist to create a work for Ingleby Gallery’s Billboard for Edinburgh public art project. His installation marked the start of the sixth year of the project.

peter doig_billboard peter doig_sailor_bar_

Ingleby Gallery, 15 Calton Road,
EH8 8D,





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