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Art & Sacred Places: Divine Transport. Call for European Partners

Art and Sacred Places invites European places of worship to become partners in a Europe-wide project, Divine Transport, a Contemporary Visual Arts Project for Sacred Places Across Europe, which promotes interaction between religion and art and specialises in exploring the relationship between art and spirituality.

Divine Transport will be developed in collaboration with partner faith venues. However, it is proposed that up to five faith venues are each matched with a visual artist from a different European country. Each artist will spend time at their matched faith venue where they will explore the concept of Divine Transport with that faith venue, its community and its locality. The resulting artwork(s) will be exhibited within that faith venue, and then toured to other partner venues.

The project will be led by UK base arts organisation Art and Sacred Places. Other arts organisations, local to each faith venue, will be invited to manage the project locally. This will extend the project outreach. The whole project will last three years.

The UK faith venue is the historic St Mary the Virgin church a newly re-ordered worship www.stmarysashford.org.uk and music and arts venue www.revelationstmarys.co.uk, in the centre of the market town of Ashford, in Kent, in the south east of England. Ashford is on the main rail link from England to the Continent.

Art and Sacred Places is a national organisation with an established reputation for excellence in the field of commissioning visual art for sacred places. It promotes interaction between religion and art largely by siting contemporary art in sacred places. It explores the relationship between art and spirituality, encouraging debate and understanding. Art and Sacred Places, is a Christian based organisation but is non-denominational and embraces all religions. It values otherness and difference and is committed to bridging cultures and opening access.

Image 1. Heather and Ivan Morison. Hospitality and Conversation, 2011 (working Title) proposal for a contemplative artwork for both Manchester Cathedral and Didsbury Mosque. Image 2: Rose Finn-Kelcey. Angel, 2004 for St Paul’s Bow Common. Courtesy of Art and Sacred Places.

Contact: Angela Peagram, Project Director, Art and Sacred Places, Bakerswell, Meonstoke, Southampton SO32 3NA UK. T +44 (0) 1489 878725.  angela (at) artandsacredplaces.org


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