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It’s not the statues: Marius Brill

The trouble with lazy sculptors is they never carve a niche for themselves. Even the more diligent ones tend to get forgotten, hiding their works in plain sight to be treated, mostly, as just more irritating street furniture to bump into when you’re looking at your phone. London is stuffed full of a statues but … Continue reading

The Art of the Multitude. Jochen Gerz – Participation and the European Experience. September 2016

Contemporary European public art often addresses the past and future of European unity, democracy, immigration, and civil rights. The Art of the Multitude explores how participation in art works affects the formation of public memory, the commemoration of historical events, and the creation of an urban landscape that articulates cultural identity and recognition. Looking in … Continue reading

Mark Twain: A Monument to Adam

Some one has revealed to the Tribune that I once suggested to Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, of Elmira, New York, that we get up a monument to Adam, and that Mr. Beecher favored the project. There is more to it than that. The matter started as a joke, but it came somewhat near to materializing. It is … Continue reading

Publication: The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State. Hilary Powell & Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

A publication that brings together a body of work that has emerged in response to the Olympics in East London. Artists, writers, film makers, academics, photographers and activists intervene in the dominant discourse, language and images of regeneration and the Games. The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State, edited by Hilary Powell and Isaac … Continue reading

Rafael Viñoly Architects: firstsite, Colchester

Colchester, Essex. Oysters for lunch at firstsite, a new centre for the visual arts designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects. Opened on 25 September 2011, it is a great building with a fantastic level of high quality detail and the last of the Labour government grand projets taking art to the masses. These include The Public, West Bromwich; … Continue reading