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InspiralLondon Festival 2016. 22 – 25 September

InspiralLondon grows out of decentrederspace artistic experiments in Marseille and is inspired by the GR2013 project – a semi-urban footway created by local artist collective, for the European Capital of Culture 2013. From 2015-2017 we are creating a novel walking experience for London; a metropolitan trail that spirals from a central point within the heart of London, corkscrewing out seven times to finish at the Gravesend Ferry.  Finally the trail ends by crossing the Thames to the World’s End at Tilbury.

The anticipated trajectory of the trail is designed, marked out and traversed by a loose collective of artists, writers, architects, geographers, planners, urban explorers, and walking enthusiasts. There are 34 sections from approximately 8-12 miles in length. The approximate overall length of the walk is 250 miles crossing the Thames at 10 points, using bridges, a tunnel, a cable car and ferries. A planned  return from Gravesend ferry north back into the centre of London will add another 25 miles.
The walk is both an artistic assembly and a form of democratic action allowing members of the public, walkers and participants to use the trail as a pathway to discover and experiment within the metropolis London. We use the whole of the City and its hinterland as one vast art space in which to rethink and re-imagine the built environment, as a place of extraordinary variety, contrast and potential, and as a tour of the places we no longer see or have forgotten. The project is facilitated and supported by counterproductions. You can view the Inspiral route here.
Be inspired to explore the city with new spirit and open eyes and join the InspiralLondon adventure. The festival ranges across London, inviting interventions, talks, discussion and exploration along the path of the InspiralLondon trail. For festival information and to book a place, click here.
InspiralLondon Festival. 22 – 25 September 2016 (various London locations)
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