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Association Inscrire, Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro

Association Inscrire have inaugurated a socio-educational pilot art and ceramic project at a reformatory for young offenders, on the Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro. The intention of the project was to reflect on and demonstrate, through an artistic intervention, an understanding and respect for the rights and duties of citizenship. The project will set … Continue reading

eu sambo eu jongo eu rio – Atelier Azulejaria, Rio de Janeiro

 eu sambo eu jongo eu rio – (I sambo I jongo I laugh/Rio) is an art project for two large ceramic tiles panels created by the artist Laura Taves / Atelier Azulejaria located in the north of Rio de Janeiro on a stretch of road Transcarioca, between the districts of Campo Grande, Cascadura, Madureira and … Continue reading

Vik Muniz: Pictures of Junk, Jardim Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro

In 2006, Muniz started the Centro Espacial Vik Muniz, an art education project involving four hundred students each year from two hundred favelas in Rio de Janeiro  – described by Muniz as St.Tropez surrounded by Mogadishu – embedded within the Galpão Aplauso school, which specialises in theatre arts. Some of the students began working in Muniz’s Rio studio on The Pictures of Junk, 2008, … Continue reading

Association Inscrire / Atelier Azulejaria: Estação Luz do Metrô, São Paulo, Brazil

Since 1989 Association Inscrire has created large-scale collaborative public works of art on ceramic tiles related to Human Rights working with partners all over the world. Initiated by Françoise Schein, the ceramic panels are part of an ongoing project that raises awareness of citizenship and human rights through the creation of permanent works in new … Continue reading