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The Art of the Multitude. Jochen Gerz – Participation and the European Experience. September 2016

Contemporary European public art often addresses the past and future of European unity, democracy, immigration, and civil rights. The Art of the Multitude explores how participation in art works affects the formation of public memory, the commemoration of historical events, and the creation of an urban landscape that articulates cultural identity and recognition. Looking in … Continue reading

The Square of the European Promise – 11 December 2015

“Just like the stars give their light to the night, people give their promises to the future.”  (Jochen Gerz) Der Platz des europäischen Versprechens wird am 11.12.2015 eröffnet / The Square of the European Promise will be inaugurated on 11 December 2015 at 5pm. An artwork by many and a central site for the European idea … Continue reading

Jochen Gerz – Square of the European Promise – Final chance to participate

Participate now to have your name engraved. Only 271 additional names can be included in the project until January 29, 2015. First come, first served. 14,555 people, from around the world, have contributed to date whose names will be inscribed on the Armenian stone plaques in Bochum, Germany. Who do you want to share your … Continue reading

Symposium: Stretching New Boundaries. 22 September 2011. Folkestone Triennial

In partnership with The Folkestone Triennial 2011, this international symposium, the final stage of Strange Cargo’s ‘Stretching New Boundaries’ programme, will bring together influential international practitioners and theorists to discuss and examine the value and power of creating participatory visual artwork and to explore future directions for this evolving sector. Chair: Dr Jonathan Vickery. Speakers: Angus … Continue reading

Jochen Gerz: 2-3 Straßen TEXT & 2-3 Straßen MAKING OF

The books 2-3 Straßen TEXT and 2-3 Straßen MAKING OF are the result of 2-3 Streets. An exhibition in Cities of the Ruhr by Jochen Gerz in 2010. In 2-3 Streets, 887 authors wrote a book together over the course of one year. New creatives and old residents, guests, passers-by and visitors to the streets – people from all walks of life … Continue reading