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Neville Gabie: The Greatest Distance

Neville – If I wanted to get as far away from the Olympic Games as possible, where would you recommend I go? Games Maker – [Laughs] Timbucktoo – no, no, I am joking being serious, what can I do? On July 27th 2012 Neville Gabie proposed being the greatest possible distance away from the Opening Ceremony for … Continue reading

War Rooms: Listen! An evening of wartime entertainment. Monday 29 August 2011

War Rooms: Listen!   an evening of wartime entertainment. Monday 29 August 2011. What happens when ‘THE SUBJECT OF WAR’ meets ‘THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ART’. In 2011 WAR seems ever present in one form or another. Unlike the Artists’ Rifles (1882-1921), artists today take on this subject at a time of their choosing and not always in reaction to a … Continue reading