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Revisiting Postmodernism: Terry Farrell and Adam Nathaniel Furman

Revisiting Postmodernism invites readers to see postmodernism in a new light: not just as a style, but as a cultural phenomenon which embraces all areas of life, and thrives on complexity and pluralism. Focusing on architecture but touching on other elements of design, urban planning and place making, this engaging book reflects both on the historical … Continue reading

Architecture Words 12: Lina Bo Bardi. Stones Against Diamonds

“To do this we need to eliminate a whole list of things: abstract optimism, scepticism about state intervention, the belief that public housing will not solve the housing problem for everyone, the belief that the poor are to blame for the slums, the habit of prioritising the interests of the individual over those of society.” from: … Continue reading

Urban intervention, street art and public space. Publication. February 2017

Urban intervention, street art and public space Editors: Pedro Costa, Paula Guerra and Pedro Soares Neves February 2017 – ISBN: 978-989-97712-6-0 Editing this publication opens a new approach for the Urbancreativity publication activity, for the first time editing content that’s developed by partners and not by the research topic structure alone. This book it has … Continue reading

Artistes et Architecture, Dimensions Variable. 56 French and International Artists – Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

Artists and Architecture, Variable dimensions, is an exhibition based on the conviction that artists highlight and reveal potentials capable of enriching and transforming our shared ambitions to build together the world city of tomorrow. Fifty-six works by French and international artists, both renowned and emerging, have been brought together to question and challenge issues in Architecture at … Continue reading

Publication: Remote Performances in
 Nature and Architecture

Outlandia is an off-grid artists’ fieldstation, a treehouse imagined by artists London Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist & Jo Joelson) and designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects, situated in Glen Nevis, opposite Ben Nevis. It is performative architecture that immerses its occupants in a particular environment, provoking creative interaction between artists and the land. This book explores the … Continue reading