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Art in the Park. Sculpture in the Olympic Park for London 2012

The completion of the 26 artworks in the Art in the Park programme for the Olympic Park launched the London 2012 Festival (UK wide from 21 June – 9 September). The commissions include Monica Bonvicini’s free-standing mirror sculpture, RUN, with the majority of the commissions integrated into the Olympic Park infrastructure of bridges, underpasses, security … Continue reading

Rob Ley, Urbana Studio, Draper, Florida State University

A permanent 23-metre high 5-storey installation composed of hundreds of unique stainless steel strips, for the Visual Arts Department building at Florida State University. The mass and structure of the three-dimensional lattice structure is derived from multiple two-dimensional photographs that drive various qualitative values – projection distance, degree of curvature, and connection locations – quantified by … Continue reading

Anish Kapoor: 2011 Praemium Imperiale for Sculpture

Anish Kapoor has been creating ‘spectacular’ artwork in the public domain for forty years, challenging our perceptions of space, through sculptural investigations of scale, texture, reflections and distorted surfaces. He describes his sculpture as “an ongoing investigation about the nature of objects and the emotions this prompts in each viewer at a given moment.”  In works like … Continue reading

The Olympic Torch: Barber & Osgerby. London 2012

The Olympic Torch is a designer’s elephant trap, best to keep it simple and avoid it looking like a phallic banana, medieval battle-mace or a prop from the Ray Harryhausen movie Clash of the Titans. The most remarkable thing about the Torch (note the capital T as it has been tagged as a proper noun, … Continue reading

Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier: Mute Meadow. Derry~Londonderry, Ireland

Designed by London based artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, Mute Meadow, located on the banks of the River Foyle marks the regeneration of Derry~Londonderry before it’s debut as the inaugural UK City of Culture in 2013.  The work was opened on Saturday 25th June 2011 on The Peace Bridge. Stretching out across the waterfront, the sculpture … Continue reading