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Civic: The first international festival of billboard art. Sunderland. until 13 November 2011

Civic is an outdoor and indoor exhibition of billboards 
and posters, presented across three galleries and 260 feet of
 commercial advertising hoadings. Thirteen dedicated billboards
 along the side of the River Wear look at different 
aspects of the politics and poetics of making images in 
public. The work by photographers and artists from
 Britain and Germany asks: “What … Continue reading

Post Works: Architecture Foundation, London. 30 September-29 October 2011

The central bar for this year’s 100% Design at Earls Court, London has been commissioned from architectural practice Post Works (Matthew Butcher and Mellissa Appleton). For the design Post Works have engineered a bar area that can reconfigure itself daily and hourly. Through a system of moving, suspended props or “architectural characters”, falling curtains and changeable lighting, the central bar can evolve into a … Continue reading

Ronald Reagan: Political statuary in central London

Walking around Grosvenor Square I came across what I took to be a promotion for the next series of Mad Men but which turned out to be a 3-metre high statue of Ronald Reagan. Dressed in a Brooks Brothers style suit Reagan looks like he is on his way to a works conference. The style does not quite … Continue reading

Elizabeth Wright: Sextodecimo

Elizabeth Wright’s work often generates humour at tripping up the viewer by rescaling or replacing parts of the everyday world. Her re-sized Mini often crops up in ‘Art in the Public Realm’ presentations, creating an affectionate memorial for a losing English car industry being overtaken by the German and Japanese industry giants. Her current exhibition Sextodecimo taps into … Continue reading

The Andy Monument by Rob Pruitt

When drawing up a rough shortlist of artists of artists I would consider commissioning to do a monument to Andy Warhol the name that would jump to the top of the page would be Jeff Koons. Rob Pruitt’s chromed sculpture of Warhol commissioned by the Public Art Fund is a suitably ersatz Koonsish object to … Continue reading