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Visual Artist based in London, U.K. whose artistic practise is explores identity issues through visual media. Nadine Talalla works working predominantly in video and painting.
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Curtain Call: Ron Arad and artists’ installations. The Roundhouse, London 9-29 August 2011

Ron Arad’s installation Curtain Call is a digital diorama, a ring of futuristic-style plastic rods and sensurround sound; a walk-through panoramic canvas for large-scale video projections that can be viewed from inside the installation as well as outside it. Curtain Call, has been created specifically for the circular space of the Roundhouse in north London by designer … Continue reading

Diohandi: Beyond Reform. Greek Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale

The Greek artist Diohandi has re-appropriated the entire Greek Pavilion for her site-specific installation at the 54th Venice Biennale di Venezia. Beyond Reform is a secular minimalist chapel that focuses on the use of light, space and water to interpret the Biennale’s theme of Illuminations. The exterior of the Pavilion has replaced the familiar Byzantine structure of … Continue reading

Francisco Tropa: Scenario. Portuguese Pavilion – 54th Venice Biennale

“Scenario is an exhibition which articulates sculpture, image devices and fragments of nature. The general ambience is timeless and enigmatic, in which objects and images have a heuristic quality, seeking a sensitive and subjective understanding of the nature of things and consequently of the experience of creation and the origins of art.” Sérgio Mah, Curator Francisco Tropa … Continue reading

Cristiano Pintaldi: Lucid Dreams. 54th Venice Bienniale 2011

Cristiano Pintaldi’s Lucid Dreams is his first major exhibition in Venice and showcases large scale acrylic paintings that cover a selection of appropriated mass-media imagery and delve into universally recognised images of entertainment, power, religion and nature. Pintaldi exhibits, in uniform RGB points, video-still type images of Stanley Kubrick’s eyes wide shut; an image of … Continue reading

Jan Fabre: Pietas. 54th Venice Biennale

“I already had my theme of the Pietas in mind, and had been working on it in rough for some time, and when I saw Santa Maria della Misericordia, a deconsecrated church of the XVI century transformed into an academy of thinking, I knew this was the right place to exhibit my work! Here, art, science and spirituality … Continue reading