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Jonathan Vickery

I research the politics of contemporary culture, the role of culture in the public sphere, and cultural economy discourse in International Development. I also work as an art critic, editor and public speaker.
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Book Review: Adrian Forty — Words and Buildings – A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture

Adrian Forty: Words and Buildings – A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture. This is a major book: it is like an old classic historical survey in the sense that it is deeply scholarly yet can be read by anyone. Now ten years old, it nonetheless still reads like a current assessment of the relation between architecture and … Continue reading

Book Review: Henry Plummer – The Architecture of Natural Light

Henry Plummer: The Architecture of Natural Light. The subject of light may seem a reductive way of talking about architecture. However, the light of architecture is the light of spatial experience and of design – and this book deals with both. Light is a subject with a long theological history. This book offers a surprising array … Continue reading

Book Review: Jane Burry + Mark Burry – The New Mathematics of Architecture

Jane Burry + Mark Burry: The New Mathematics of Architecture High-level photography of 46 international architectural locations offers an insight into the way contemporary architecture has developed through advanced mathematics and physics. The book is a highly illustrated volume on architectural design rather than mathematics (in fact, there is no mathematics). Even so, it is an … Continue reading

Book Review: Pina Petricone (editor) — Concrete Ideas – Material to Shape a City

Pina Petricone (editor): Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City This is an excellent package – a boxed hardback with the highest quality design and print. It is what an architecture book should be – as attentive to the aesthetics of reading as to the novelty of its analytical content. The subject may not seem exciting, … Continue reading

Agorascape – An architectural concept from CM architecten and Uzoni Studio of Amsterdam

A soft material covers the hard concrete surface like moss covering a stone, creating a warm and inviting landscape… This was the main idea behind AGORASCAPE, a concept born as response to the many examples of cold, grey, unfriendly, deserted and unsafe urban interstices and interior public spaces, which often seem to be some “leftovers” … Continue reading