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Resonating Spaces – Fondation Beyeler – 6 October 2019 – 26 January 2020

  “Resonating Spaces is the title of the exhibition at Fondation Beyeler. The artists featured in the exhibition are Leonor Antunes, Silvia Bächli, Toba Khedoori, Susan Philipsz and Rachel Whiteread. Instead of making a comprehensive group show with numerous works, the exhibition will present exemplary works The works of these artists create a specific quality … Continue reading

Georgiou & Tolley – Twin Stranger: Entangled State. 4 October – 23 November 2019. Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019

“Each society demands of its members a certain amount of acting, the ability to present, represent and act what one actually is. When society disintegrates into cliques such demands are no longer made of the individual but of members of cliques. Behaviour then is controlled by silent demands and not by individual capacities, exactly as … Continue reading

Georgiou & Tolley: Who’s Watching Who? Singapore International Photography Festival 2018

The sixth Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), features a curatorial project and exhibition that reflects how space has fundamental meaning to each of the featured artists in the exhibition. Each participant’s work observes how human beings may perceive existential value within a space including the notion of inner space. “Our life’s space is defined by ourselves. … Continue reading

Sinta Tantra: Your Private Sky. Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

“Your sky may be surfaced inside with sections of global map, with Zenith of sky, and oriented accurately to the north…
Sun clock in day
 Star clock in night.”  Buckminster Fuller, manuscript for Your Private Sky, 1948 Sinta Tantra’s exhibition Your Private Sky at Kristin Hjellegjerde London, draws inspiration from the life and work of the American … Continue reading

Resist & Protest: Atelier Populaire – Poster Art Workshop, Ort Gallery – 28 July 2018

From the Paris of May ’68 to the Prague Spring the year 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, a year that is synonymous with resistance and protest. The uprisings of Paris 1968 were notable for extremely fine examples of polemical poster art. The Atelier Populaire, run by artists and art students, occupied the École des Beaux-Arts in … Continue reading