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Nick Hornby: Old Shapes, New Brutality. Poznań-Lawica Airport, Poland

British artist Nick Hornby’s Old Shapes, New Brutality is a new monumental sculpture commissioned for the Mediations Biennale 2012 in Poznań, Poland. Sited at the new Poznań-Lawica Airport, it is inspired by the architecture of Poznań – in particular, three buildings from the city – the renaissance town hall, a neo-classical church and a modernist circular tower. Brutality … Continue reading

Exhibition: The Return at The House of the Nobleman, London

At The House of the Nobleman, run by Victoria Golemiovskaya at Cornwall Terrace, on the first floor of a palatial Georgian Nash terrace, overlooking the landscape of Regent’s park, a simple white sculpture presents itself, in a room concerned simply with form: the form of the circle, and all its attendant metaphoric itineraries.  Formed of … Continue reading