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!HOW PLACES FEEL (Genius Loci). Lanchester Research Gallery, Coventry 12-23 September 2016


Image: Victoria Terminus (26/11).An artwork marking the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Taken from a larger body of work – ‘How Places Feel’ (Genius loci) ©Darryl Georgiou/Reda-man-sEE Productions

‘How Places Feel’ (Genius loci) is an ongoing body of work exploring the potential to disturb the ordered categories of the archive, uncover hidden narratives and reactivate cultural memory. The project takes historical events that often involve turmoil or perceived injustice as starting points or allude to the strangeness of remembering the past through images and objects. Artefacts include – 26/11 Victoria Terminus, an artwork marking the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Capitulations (Levant/British America), Paparazzo (Paris), St. Walter (Berlin) and Summer in Spain (1873). The research question approaches the subject of historical memory and asks: How does the presentation of the past shape the image of the present?

How Places Feel is one part of Collaboration-Practice-Event, a series of ongoing art, design, curatorial, educational and research projects, events and even guided tours. The latest of these sees collaborations with the Still Walking Festival (10-25 September 2016), Flatpack Film Festival: ‘Brum on Film’ (16 September-15 October 2016) and MA Contemporary Arts Practice at Coventry University.

!HOW PLACES FEEL (Genius Loci) Work in Progress (Collaboration-Practice-Event) Darryl Georgiou Lanchester Research Gallery, Coventry University.  EXHIBITION DATES: 12 – 23 September 12 – 1700

Further Information

Still Walking Festival produces alternative artistic walking tours of Birmingham, which excavate the political and cultural memories of the city. Georgiou is the new co-creative director of the Still Walking Festival 2016. He will be exhibiting new works and leading art tours exploring historical memory and ‘How Places Feel’. Wider project themes allude to forgotten locations, lost cultural grandeur, incidents of trauma, censorship and taboo. http://www.stillwalking.org/

!Flatpack film festival is an annual event of commissions, events and screenings of animation, music, artists’ film, archive discoveries, offbeat shorts and live cinema. Georgiou will be leading the ‘Looking for Kline’ event as part of Flatpack’s ‘Brum on Film’ http://flatpackfestival.org.uk/event/looking-for-kline/

!Postgraduate Contemporary Arts Practice incorporates diverse disciplines and approaches. Well-established boundaries between artistic and professional orientation of public and increasingly outward facing works are questioned by a new generation of artists, designers and media producers. Coventry has a long heritage of art and new technologies. 1986 saw the launch of the first Electronic Arts/ Electronic Graphics Post Graduate courses in Europe. 2016 will see its 30 year anniversary celebrations. Today a thriving MA, PhD, ‘research and practice’ culture exists through creative partnerships with external arts organisations, funders and industrial links. http://www.coventry.ac.uk/course-structure/arts-and-humanities/postgraduate/ contemporary-arts-practice-ma/

!Postgraduate staff research practice and collaboration have included the following events and funding partnerships: in association with the Futurlab Ars Electronica Centre (Linz, Austria) Still Walking Festival, Flatpack Film Festival, Brum On Film (British Film Institute), Hi- Lite at Moseley School of Art, Brum Spirit, the ‘Salon’ (ETA and 24 Hour Witch Hunt) and Some Cities. Darryl Georgiou is Postgraduate Tutor in Art & Design for the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Coventry University. He is an interdisciplinary artist, exhibiting internationally and working across a range of media. His artwork is held in both national and international collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, Athens/New York. Georgiou was artist in residence at Futurlab Ars Electronica Centre (Linz, Austria) 2014-15.

Special thanks to contributors and collaborators: Norbert Brunner, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York; Rebekah Tolley for Red-a-man-sEE Productions; Dan Burwood and Andrew Jackson for Some Cities; Ten.8 photo-paperback, Kieran Connell, Midland Arts Centre (50th anniversary of The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies); Jeremy Hunt (editor of AAJPress / Art & Architecture Journal and my co-recipient of the Henry Moore Foundation Award for our forthcoming art and walking project, ‘Liber Topia’; David Martin, (MA Contemporary Arts Practice Graduate/Media Arts PhD candidate, Coventry University); George Saxon (Kino-Pixel and Spaces of Trauma); Ben Waddington (Still Walking Festival), Tessa Burwood (Brum Spirit), Emily Warner (Salon co-curator) and Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool (for Culture Shifts/Granby 4 Streets project). Research funding as facilitated through Professor Juliet Simpson, Visual Arts Research, Coventry University.

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Jeremy Hunt is Director of the AAJ Press (Art & Architecture Journal / Press) – a writer and consultant on art and public space


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