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Alberobello Light Festival, Apulia, Italy. July 23 – 31, 2016

The Alberobello Light Festival in Apulia, southern Italy, presents multimedia and light installations, video mapping, and performances by international artists André Banha, Claudia Reh, Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Sługocki, Tilen Sepič, Mario and Dimitri (Maro Avrobou and Dimitri Xenakis), Bulb (Cyril Minois and Pascale Delaye), Matthew Watkins, in the evocative architecture of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the artistic direction of studio OCUBO. The first edition festival attracted more than 400.000 visitors for the three opening nights of the festival.

André Banha : I saved you the sunset

As a rough translation, I saved you the sunset (original title: Segurei-te o Pôr-do-Sol), is a sculpture that aims to evoke the presence of an eternal sunset. This piece is the consequence of a long path in which the artist explores the idea of making a fusion – a sculpture shaped both by the wood and by the light. Working as a container, the piece will extend the sunlight, creating itself the illusion of an endless sunset.

Bulb,Urban ForestBulb : Urban Forest

The choice of Bulb came from a desire to play on the ambiguity of the notion of aesthetics and elegance. The idea is to transform common building materials to give them nobility and poetry and to “highlight” the other side of the picture. Bulb’s lights create an unusual world where plastic beauty (fine forms) appears in an imaginary wandering that mixes and blends inspiration from nature with urban aesthetics. Mounted together, transformed, these creations fit in any environment and offer endless combinations to decorate, punctuate, invade, heat-up spaces and create an ephemeral world full of poetry to create an urban forest of lights. The public can stroll through the tracery of bright trees with bright branches sketching a strange décor with synthetic sound design infusing this unreal and fantastic scenery – a secret setting for a wild dream.

Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Sługocki : Horizontal Interference

The light installation‚ Horizontal Interference is formed by a colourful cord structure which connects trees in a simple manner. The extraordinary architecture of wires, which in itself is beautiful at daylight, turns into a spectacular beauty at nightfall. By means of a simple, yet ingenious illumination all natural and additional elements merge together which – in all its simplicity – creates a powerful and poetic image. Even the wind loves this horizontal interference in nature, created by these artists. Thus, again, organic architecture comes into being, of which you might envisage how it could have arisen in nature.

Mario and Dimitri : Green Marvelous Opulence

No doubt the progress of science has solved major problems and brought to mankind a real well-being. But the desire for a continuous production flow, the dream of a permanent opulence, do they not let appear the danger of transforming organisms into standardized serial products? We use plastic shopping bags that we fold to make them look like cabbage or salads. This installation is a continuation of our work on the reuse of everyday’s objects.


Mario and Dimitri : The Guardian Angels

 Protectors and guardians of the vegetation, white as angels, watering cans fly over the grass. At night, levitating, they light up, become colourful and water the trees. Fibre optic lines simulate the water flowing.

The installation echoes the preservation of the garden and plants and, by extension, of nature. It highlights the role of the human. It is also an indirect way of paying tribute to the gardeners, and artificially created nature. The work points out that the growth of plants and trees is only possible by the contribution of three natural elements: light (sun), water and earth. Through the prism of sculptural elements and playful accessories, representative of our mode of apprehension and relationship with nature, this proposal aims to be a summary of life. Unexpected and surprising, these guardian angels, these watering-lanterns, stop and challenge the passerby – to encourage contemplation within a landscape…and as a gesture of protection to our environment.

Claudia Reh : Aquabella

A Light installation for Alberobello. “It’s summer in Italy and it’s hot. The water is scarce. Therefore I want to bring with my installation the water as a projection to Alberobello.
Water is life. It keeps things in balance, creating movement and change by his constant flow. In this
light installation it brings altered images daily. It is an homage to the source of life, because we
know this source is threatened by privatization, through climate change, through ill-considered
In this artwork water is present as a live projection in combination with drawings, collages and
objects. As analog projection arise motion pictures, but not as usual with beamers, predictable cut
and fast as video, but slowly, as the water flows down.
Permanent flow and drops accompanies this colored images, which runs like a garden on the
surface of the building.
Because the projection is newly constructed analogously every night, always new pictures, new
combinations arises. It is worth to re-visit the road every night.
I will be on site and invite some visitors to play with water in the projections.
My work material are overhead projectors with high light intensities (12000 lumen), which can be
played on big walls. I call my work light graphics. It is my tool for visualizing an idea and to bring
this idea to the place, with which it can interlocking. Only in this integration results a new
statement, only partly visible, not as a finished image or film absolute, but only as a sketch in a
way.” Claudia Reh

Tilen Sepič : Clouds

Through common objects placed in an urban context, these visual and tactile combinations recall clouds. The artwork, designed through workshops held between the artist and the local community, shows a poetic and magical sight which contrasts the artificial with the natural.

Matthew Watkins : Live Light Paintings

A live light performance on the streets of Alberobello: Matthew Watkins projects light paintings as he creates them on his tablet, to the musical accompaniment of Gianfranco Balena on sax, Alberto Totire playing an eclectic mix of world music, synth and various digital apps.

Ocubo Light PaintingsOCUBO studio : Light Paintings

Carole Purnelle is Art Curator of Alberobello Light Festival, and a partner and artist at OCUBO studio specializing in multimedia and interactive cultural projects. Her work has a common theme of Humanity, and consists of large format multimedia projections and video mapping, with installations adapted to architecture. The projects are interactive to involve public participation, communicating with the audience as contributors to the work of art. Her themes of globalization, time, space span historical to contemporary influences, merging various media: photos, illustrations, video, 3D animation, sound and interactive programming.

Through her studio, OCUBO, she has founded, directed and produced the LUMINA Light Festival in Cascais, Portugal. She created and managed the Spectrum project as part of  Creative Europe, leading creative projects in Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia. Her work has been presented in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium.

July 23 – 31, 2016
. Monday – Sunday: 20.30 – 1.00



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