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Sinta Tantra, Songdo, South Korea

Sinta Tantra - Songdo Singapore 1

Sinta Tantra – Songdo, South Korea

Sinta Tantra - Songdo Singapore

Sinta Tantra – Songdo

Sinta Tantra - Songdo Singapore

Sinta Tantra – Songdo

Sinta Tantra - Songdo , South Korea

Sinta Tantra – Songdo , South Korea

The city of Songdo has commissioned both Korean and International artists as part of its major public art programme. British artists include Sinta Tantra, Richards Woods and Designer Abe Rogers. Sinta Tantra’s artwork, a large floor painting located by the waterfront, measures over 3,300 square metres and was completed in July, 2015.

The commission is part of Songdo’s 10-year development plan which has been built on 1,500 acres of reclaimed land located 35 miles (56 km) from the capital of Seoul. With a budget in excess of $40 billion, the city of Songdo has been recorded as the most expensive and largest private real estate development in history.

Marketed as a ‘City of the Future’, Songdo International Business District is a ‘High tech Utopia’ at the forefront of the smart city design, built from ground up with features including censors and TelePresence technology, a pneumatic waste system and sustainable/eco-friendly design.


Sinta Tantra, Songdo, South Korea


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