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The Art City Project – Way Out West, San Francisco, 7 July – 17 August 2014

The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 10The Art City Project presents Way Out West transforming outdoor advertising into new space for art featuring 19 Artists, 11 Billboards, 4 Bus Shelters, and 3 Bus Takeovers

Way Out West is a celebration of the idea of California and its history as fertile ground for dreamers, pioneers, and counterculture. The exhibition reflects on the changing social landscape of the West Coast and explores the role of contemporary art in public spaces. The month-long installation — which spans billboards, transit shelters, bus takeovers, and other alternative space throughout San Francisco’s transitional inner Mission neighborhood — features art from contemporary artists with roots in California.

Way Out West celebrates and challenges our shared history and future from the confines of outdoor advertising in San Francisco’s inner Mission, a neighborhood confronting its own change. The installation inventory is rich with contrast and innuendo: billboards at an abandoned gas station just blocks from multi-million dollar homes; massive posters above pawn shops, next to bars with $15 artisan cocktails; ads on the buses and bus stops that ferry San Francisco’s working class along the same routes used by private tech company shuttles.

The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 9 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 7 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 8 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 4 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 5 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 6 The Art City Project – WOW San Francisco 3About Art City

Art City produces installations that transform our shared spaces. Art inspires, challenges, and connects us. Artists play vital roles as explorers, critics, and catalysts.

The Art City Project’s mission is to increase public participation with contemporary art, support working artists, and foster creative communities. We repurpose advertising and underused public spaces to deliver art to new audiences.

A single public installation can reach as many people in a month as a major metropolitan museum does in a year. We’re building a network of artists, curators, and partners to build a lasting program that turns our cities into galleries.

The Art City Project – Way Out West, San Francisco

July 7th – August 17th, 2014 


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