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La Biennale di Venezia – Fundamentals – 14th International Architecture Exhibition. 7 June – 23 November 2014

Fundaments 2Fundamentals – Three Interlocking Exhibitions

The aim of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 is to create an exceptional, research-centred Architecture Biennale that embraces various disciplines beyond Art and Architecture (Dance, Music, Theatre, and Cinema), to epitomise the articulated and living contexts in which architecture may be conceived or imagined.

monditaliaFundamentals consists of three interlocking exhibitions: Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014Elements of Architecture and Monditalia – that together illuminate the past, present and future of our discipline. After several architecture Biennales dedicated to the celebration of the contemporary, Fundamentals will look at histories, attempt to reconstruct how architecture finds itself in its current situation, and speculate on its future.

Absorbing Modernity: 1914-2014 is an invitation to the national pavilions to show, each in their own way, the process of the erasure of national characteristics in architecture in favor of the almost universal adoption of a single modern language and a single repertoire of typologies – a more complex process than we typically recognize, involving significant encounters between cultures, technical inventions, and hidden ways of remaining “national”.

Elements of Architecture, in the Central Pavilion, will pay close attention to the fundamentals of our buildings, used by any architect, anywhere, anytime: the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the roof, the door, the window, the façade, the balcony, the corridor, the fireplace, the toilet, the stair, the escalator, the elevator, the ramp…

Monditalia dedicates the Arsenale to a single theme – Italy – with exhibitions, events, and theatrical productions engaging architecture, politics, economics, religion, technology, industry. The other festivals of la Biennale di Venezia – film, dance, theatre, and music – will be mobilized to contribute to a comprehensive portrait of the host country.

La Biennale di Venezia – Fundamentals – 14th International Architecture Exhibition. Directed by Rem Koolhaas. Saturday 7 June – Sunday 23 November 2014 


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