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Françoise Schein: Artiste des droits humains. CIVA Brussels. 21.02.2014 – 4.05.2014.

F Schein CIVA2014 3Artist, architect and urbanist – Françoise Schein’s work focuses on an educational and artistic path centered on human rights engaged in democratic issues of the contemporary world. The Franco-Belgian artist’s career has been crossed by encounters and collaborations that have defined her work in mapping world spaces to creating participatory urban projects. She is recognized for her many subway stations dedicated to human rights and city maps, inspired initially by the New York subway system as an urban expression of democracy.

F Schein CIVA2014 6The CIVA Museum, Brussels is presenting a retrospective exhibition of fourteen major urban works by Françoise Schein. The presentation includes a miniature tram that leads the spectator through a chronology of works from Concorde Metro in Paris to Ramallah, Palestine and New York and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

F Schein CIVA2014 1In 1989, she created the ceramic artwork for the Concorde Metro station in Paris, dedicated to human rights, and continued this work in seven further subway stations around the world. These artworks have a democratic and participatory function as half of the monumental and urban artworks have been created with the assistance of thousands of local citizens including collaboration with craftspeople, artists, engineers and students.

F Schein concorde_Paris F Schein LUZ 1Publication – monograph

F Schein CIVA Publication 2014Françoise Schein, Artiste des Droits humains,
Published by Mardaga and CIVA editions. 240 pages: 45€
Contact Mardaga: anne.wuilleret@editionsmardaga.com
Contact CIVA: veronique.moerman@civa.be
Amazon: http://www.amazon.fr/Francoise-Schein-cartographe-droits-humains/dp/2804701700

Photography ©Lode Saidane

CIVA, (Internationaal centrum voor de Stad, de Architectuur en het Landschap Kluisstr) 55 rue de l’Ermitage,
1050 Brussels, Belgium

You Tube: http://youtu.be/NydCfbAGlSk
CIVA: www.civa.be
Françoise Schein: http://www.inscrire.com/

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