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Art Across The City 2014: Swansea. International Contemporary Public Art Festival
 12th April – 1st June 2014 

Art Across The City present twenty-four newly commissioned public artworks across Swansea. Thirteen have been newly commissioned for 2014 adding to 11 permanent works. Three of the new commissions by Jeremy Deller, Ultimate Holding Company and Jon Burgerman celebrate the Dylan Thomas centenary.

Jeremy Deller’s black and white poster states – More Poetry Is Needed – sited in the car park of the Quadrant Shopping Centre. Writer Rachel Trezise has responded by writing 6 micro-fictions on bar mats for bars and cafes in Swansea.


Jeremy Deller. More Poetry Is Needed. Quadrant Shopping Centre

Ultimate Holding Company’s The General Public consists of unique laser cut cardboard sculptures, set in the architecture of the bus station, created from 3D scans of the heads of local people who have worked for Amazon, based in Swansea. Writer Niall Griffiths has contributed four stories giving the heads a fictional voice.


Ultimate Holding Company, The General Public, City Bus Station

Jon Burgerman’s cartoon imagesPortrait of the Artist as a Young Doodleare homage references Dylan Thomas’ writing such as Under Milk Wood.


Jon Burgerman, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Doodle, Castle Square, Swansea

Further Locws commissions include:

Jeremy Millar’s flag Am I Glad To Be Here! celebrates two very different separate visits to Swansea by illustrious philosophers, Emmanuel Swedenborg and Ludwig Wittengstein. Whilst Swedenborg’s skull was found in Swansea, a visit by a very much alive Wittengstein started with a joyful “Am I glad to be here!”


Jeremy Millar, Am I Glad To Be Here!, Guildhall Rotunda, Swansea

Lisa Scantlebury’s large-scale photo Some Place To Enter is a close up of two dancers’ feet developed with the Tan Dance Company in Neath Port Talbot and references Dylan Thomas’ wife Caitlin, once a promising dancer. The packing crate structure refers to the cultural influence of Swansea’s trade links.

Lisa Scantlebury

Lisa Scantlebury, Some Place To Enter, Enter Some Place, Dylan Square, Swansea Marina

Ross Sinclair has compiled a poetic Real Life Top Ten Songs of Wales following suggestions from the public and an online vote. Situated on White Rock mound opposite the former Copperworks, Sinclair’s list becomes a temporary monument commemorating the land of song.

ross sinclair

Ross Sinclair, Real Life Top Ten Songs of Wales, White Rock Mound, Swansea

Nick Jordan’s Nature Houses are bird houses, looking out across Swansea Bay, are customised hand painted versions of Purple Martin houses, which are unique to North America. With no Purple Martins present in the UK, the bird houses will attract starlings, their European cousins, whose numbers have severely decreased in the UK.


Nick Jordan, Nature Houses, Civic Centre Foreshore

Bob & Roberta Smith’s simple slogan Art Makes Children Powerful is both poetic and political, sending a positive message to people of all ages about the power and importance of education.



Bob & Roberta Smith, Art Makes Children Powerful. Oystermouth Road, Swansea

The written and spoken word is a central feature of Art Across the City, with commissions from three writers and poets. Rachel Trezise produced 5 micro-fictions on beer mats across the City; Niall Griffiths has given a fictional voice to the bus station heads and Rhian Edwards words will act, along with all the other works, as inspiration for the Tawe Mega Poem, an interactive online poem with global participants providing their own words.

Two artists have made work within museums. Craig Fisher uses WWI archive material in his installation at the National Waterfront Museum; whilst Thomas Goddard uses the story of Lizzie the Elephant at Swansea Museum as the starting point for workshops, events and an ‘elephant’ procession through the city on May 10th.

Permanent LOCWS International commissions: Matthew HouldingJuneau ProjectsJacob Dahlgren; Sean PulestonRik BennettBedwyr WilliamsBermingham and RobinsonMark FoldsNiamh McCannPete Fowler and Sinta Tantra.

Art Across the City 2014. New Artist Commissions: Jon Burgerman / Jeremy Deller Craig Fisher / Thomas Goddard / Nick Jordan / Jeremy Millar / Lisa Scantlebury / Ross Sinclair  / Bob & Roberta Smith / Ultimate Holding Company/  Niall Griffiths / Rhian Edwards Rachel Trezise

Art Across The City 2014: Swansea. International Contemporary Public Art Festival
 12th April – 1st June 2014

An Artwork Location Map is available with a download of the Art Across The City Brochure. Information Pods are situated across the city, with directional signs and information at each site.


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