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Walk&Talk Festival: Azores 2013


The Walk&Talk Azores Festival on the island of São Miguel is a public art programme of interventions where artists present their work in a group exhibition, concerts, performances, workshops, and other thematic encounters including the Public Art Museum of São Miguel, where a growing circuit of circa 62 public art interventions are visible 365 days a year. From 12-27 July 2013, the multidimensional and participative third edition of Walk&Talk involved over 50 artists from visual arts to performing arts and architecture, including mural painting, installation, sculpture, dance, music, and video creations. The Walk &Talk Festival creators from multiple geographies, quadrants and disciplines created the work in collaboration with the local nature, culture and community turning the island of São Miguel into an open-air contemporary art museum. Founded in 2011 by local artists Diana Sousa and Jesse James the Walk&Talk festival aims to promote and stimulate contemporary artistic expression to provide artists with a “residency model that encourages creation in permanent dialogue with public space and new ways of thinking, interpretation and renewed visions within the Azorean population.”

Lucy-Mclauchlan Nuno-Alexandre Eltono Sala2 Giacomo Pelucas Alexandre-Farto-Vhils Stephen-Hurrel Nespoon Xavier-Almeida Clemens Behr

Walk&Talk Public Art – Artists: Alexandre Farto Aka Vhils (Pt) – Bordalo Ii (Pt) – Clemens Behr (De) Cyrcle. (Us) Draw (Pt) – Diana Coelho (Pt) – Drifting-António Pedro Lopes (Pt) – Drifting-Gustavo Ciríaco (Br) – Duarte Santo (Pt) – Eltono (Fr) – Enredo (Pt/Us) – Giacomo Mezzadri (It) – João Pedro Vale (Pt) – Nuno Alexandre Ferreira (Pt) – Nuno Pimenta (Pt) – Lucy Mclauchlan (Uk) – Nespoon (Pl) –  Min Wins (Pt) – Paulo Arraiano (Pt) Pelucas (Es) Sala 2:Arquitectos (Pt) – Hdg Açores (Pt) – Sofia Medeiros (Pt) – Stephen Hurrel (Uk) – 37.25 (Pt) – Victor Hugo Pontes (Pt) – Marco Ferreira (Pt) – Xavier Almeida (Pt)

Walk&Talk Programme: issuu.com/visualkitchen/docs/programa?e=0/4457305


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