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Walk&Talk Azores Festival. 12-27 July 2013

W&T_2012_Colorblind_Photo Rui Soares_001The annual Walk&Talk Azores Festival is an international public art festival incorporating visual and performing arts and architecture, on the Atlantic archipelago of the Azores. The event, founded in 2011 by two young Azoreans, Diana Sousa and Jesse James, illustrates the transformation of the ‘disneyfied’ tourism image of the Azores, challenging the conventional tourist codes and icons, with more diverse creative innovation and cultural experiences. In parallel with the natural attractions of the ‘Furnas’ and ‘Sete Cidades’ lagoon, the emerging Azorean cultural activity is part of a momentum to reposition the region as a destination on the international art scene. Contemporary art by new and recognized artists is exhibited in an exceptional context, sharing genuine cultural and collaborative creative participation with the local community and visitors. São Miguel island has become a public art museum, with over 62 contemporary interventions by over 50 Portuguese and international artists, including Alexandre Farto (Vhils), Mark Jenkins, Okuda and REMED, featuring mural painting, installation, sculpture, dance, music and video. The Walk&Talk Festival is based on an artistic residency model that encourages a dialogue with public space – a peer gathering and collaborative art event that allows participant creators to discover the Azores in an unprecedented way – as transdisciplinary and artistic contamination context, which transforms the visit into a real creative tourism experience. People who didn’t have the Azores as a priority destination get the opportunity to discover a unique environment and become spontaneous ambassadors of their creative experiences.

W&T_2012_Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez_002Crowdfunding campaign: Until July 4th Walk&Talk Azores is promoting a fund raising campaign to help support this year’s festival – inviting contribututions starting at €10 to support the artistic programme. Donations over €500, can see their names drawn by an artist in a huge mural or be guests of honour, entitled to a special creative tourism package that includes travel and accommodation, during the festival. Information and contributions: www.indiegogo.com/projects/walk-talk-public-art-festival.

W&T_2012_Vhils - Abraáar a ruina_Photo Rui Soares_001 walk & talk 2012 W&T_2012_Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez_002 walk & talk 2012 W&T_2012_Topo_Photo Rui Soares_002Walk&Talk Azores Festival

         Was created in 2011 and boosts a set of activities intended to introduce new aesthetic perspectives in the local cultural scene, affirming the street as an inhabited space, attended, participated – the ideal place for art sharing

         Streamlines live interventions in public space and a dynamic artistic program characterized by its bold, collaborative and genuine character

         Is responsible for the creation of a living and democracy museum on São Miguel island, which today owns more than 62 public art interventions by 80 Portuguese and foreign creators

         Gathers the patronage the Azores Government, through the Regional Youth and Tourism Directorates, the support of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande Municipalities, other public and private partners, including local companies and citizens who donate, among other goods, spaces for the artistic interventions

Anda&Fala – Cultural Interpretation

         A nonprofit cultural association dedicated to the promotion of public space and social intervention through art, it enhances local culture and heritage and contributes to the artistic education of the Azorean population

         It was created in 2011 by Diana Sousa and Jesse James with the vision to stimulate and promote the Azores through cultural investment, catalyzing contemporary artistic expressions that are unusual in peripheral contexts and insular regions

         Assumes an active role in the development of creative industries and regional culture, highlighting it as a strategic sector for the Azores social and economic growth

         Works in partnership with other cultural associations and entities within the Walk&Talk Festival network, positioning itself as a co-creator agent in the Azorean creative ecosystem

Images: Walk & Talk Azores Festival 2012




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