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Felice Varini: Across the Buildings. RELAY, King’s Cross, London

F Varina KX Relay IIAcross the Buildings is an anamorphic installation by Felice Varini applying metallic geometric patterns on to the buildings to the north of Regent’s Canal at King’s Cross, London. He applied large-scale aluminum motifs to the shapes of the Victorian brick, contrasting their reflective surface with the dark undertones of the heritage architecture. The stenciling of the artwork took place over five days. At night, Varini projected his image onto the buildings with a vast PIGI camera, specially transported from France. A team of assistants then traced around the projected shapes with china pen. Reflective tape was cut to fit the outlined stenciled forms and fixed onto the surfaces.

F Varini-KX RelayAs onlookers wander through the site, they enter a three-dimensional painting, which engages with the urban fabric. From a single viewpoint, accessible from the top of an elevated platform, the geometries of Across the Buildings unify into one continuous pattern. Once liberated from the point of perspective, these fragments appear in unexpected and ever-changing configurations existing as independent and yet connected entities.

F Varini KX Realy IV F Varini KX Realy IIIFelice Varini is a Swiss born artist working from Paris. For over thirty years, he has been creating anamorphic installations around the world, intervening with space and our perception of built environments. He typically paints on architectural and urban spaces, such as buildings, walls and streets. In more recent works, he has started to use self-adhesive foil tape which is applied to the building surface and can create playful effects with light and texture.

RELAY is the first dedicated art programme at King’s Cross. It is inspired by the transformation of the area. RELAY plays with the notion of the human chain, the transfer from one means of transport to another and the progression of the development. The programme was launched with IFO by Jacques Rival , a monumental birdcage which dominates the northern end of King’s Boulevard. During 2012 and 2013, RELAY will feature works from Felice Varini, Richard Wentworth and Marjetica Potrc. The artworks will appear gradually, highlighting each part of the emerging cityscape.

Across the Buildings is part of the RELAY art programme curated by Michael Pinsky and Stéphanie Delcroix, which is funded by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership and has received the support of Eurostar and the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom.

Across the Buildings can be seen in King’s Cross until Autumn 2013.

Mail Address: RELAY, Vistor Centre Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King’s Criss, London N1C 4AA

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