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Random International, Rain Room. Barbican Art Gallery, London

rain_room rain_room2 Rain Room is a 100-sq.metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process. On entering the galllery the visitor hears the sound of water and a suggestion of moisture fills the air, before you are confronted by the discovery of a carefully choreographed downpour of thousands of falling droplets that responds to your movements and presence. rAndom International’s digital-based contemporary art and experimental artworks come alive through audience interaction. Controlled by digital technology, Rain Room is a carefully choreographed downpour – a monumental installation that encourages people to become performers on an unexpected stage. rAndom International also collaborate with dancers from Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, performing continuously evolving interventions in the Rain Room, with a score by contemporary composer Max Richter. The work also hints at the beauty of water and growing scarcity of this vital resource on our planet and is a contemplative metaphor for the increasing precariousness of our relationship to nature.

Rain Room is the latest in a series of projects that specifically explore the behaviour of the viewer and viewers: pushing people outside their comfort zones, extracting their base auto-responses and playing with intuition. Observing how these unpredictable outcomes will manifest themselves, and the experimentation with this world of often barely perceptible behaviour and its simulation is our main driving force.‘   rAndom International 2012

Rain_Room_Installation_images_Felix_Clay._Rain_Room_Random_International_2012._Courtesy_of_Barbican_Art_Galleryrain room Wayne-McGregor-Random-Dance-LabEvent: February 8 2013 at 7pm. rAndom International – ‘In Conversation‘ evening at the Frobisher Auditorium 1, Barbican Art Gallery with a discussion about the Rain Room with Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Wayne McGregorTickets: £8 online / £10 on the door, The evening will also be the occasion of the launch of the first book about the studio’s work.

Performance:  Sunday 24 February, 12 – 5pm.  rAndom International’s Rain Room is inhabited by dancers from Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, performing continuously evolving interventions in the Rain, with a score by contemporary composer Max Richter. Audiences will be admitted on a first-come firstserved basis from the queue. Admission is free.

Images: Rain Room, 2012. Water, injection moulded tiles, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, custom software, 3D tracking cameras, steel beams, water management system, grated floor. 100-sq.m. Barbican At Gallery, London.

Rain Room has been made possible through the generous support of the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation.

Rain Room, The Curve, Barbican Art Gallery, London. 4 October 2012 – 3 March 2013.

Video of Rain Room at the Barbican. https://vimeo.com/50987695



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