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29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China

harbin1 The 29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in the North-East of China, includes sculptures, ice-slides, and life-size buildings inspired by traditional Chinese fairy tales or architectural conceits and replicas of the Great Wall of China, and the Egyptian Pyramids in a setting of near-Artic temperatures with an average winter temperature of -16.8 Celsius.

harbinThe ice festival occurs in the various parks of the city, featuring traditional ice lanterns – carved and decorated ice moulds, made from buckets of water from the Songhua River. The Sun Island Park is the site of an exhibition of giant snow sculptures and ice artworks arranged in themes depicting Chinese classic masterworks, European folktales and customs, and include buildings, gardens, flowers, waterfalls, European-styled churches, lions, tigers, dragons carved from ice. The Ice and Snow World is an architecture park, with ice and snow sculptures of buildings made of blocks ice from the Songhua River up to a metre thick illuminated by coloured lights and lasers.


harbin229th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China.

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One thought on “29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China

  1. If you have never been to the Harbin Snow and Ice festival you really need to see this one time in your life. I am going back the end of January for the 29th Annual festival. My wife and I were at the 21st, and I cant wait to go again.

    Posted by Barry Bentley | November 13, 2016, 1:26 am

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