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Book Review: Jane Burry + Mark Burry – The New Mathematics of Architecture

Jane Burry + Mark Burry: The New Mathematics of Architecture

High-level photography of 46 international architectural locations offers an insight into the way contemporary architecture has developed through advanced mathematics and physics. The book is a highly illustrated volume on architectural design rather than mathematics (in fact, there is no mathematics). Even so, it is an accessible and highly informative overview, covering an enormous range of concepts central to advanced building design (supplemented by a highly useful illustrated glossary). Any form of design has a mathematical dimension of course – but digital computation and modelling has taken the structural possibilities of design to new heights, and this book is as good an example as any. With examples that are both familiar and perhaps not – from Gehry Partners’ wonderful Disney Concert Hall in LA, to Toyo Ito’s masterful piece of urban design, the Island City Central Park – the book offers a superb array of plans, CGIs and modelling imagery, stripping down a project to its skeletal components. Each project is represented in a 4-5 page snapshot, offering a global summary. The sections are arranged as ‘Mathematic Surfaces and Seriality’, ‘Chaos, Complexity and Emergence’, ‘Packing and Tiling’, ‘Optimization’, ‘Topology’, and ‘Datascapes Multidimensionality.

Paperback with flaps — 23.50 x 21.70 cm: 272pp: 628 Illustrations, 435 in colour
May 2012 (first published 2010)
Thames and Hudson. ISBN 9780500290255


About Jonathan Vickery

I research the politics of contemporary culture, the role of culture in the public sphere, and cultural economy discourse in International Development. I also work as an art critic, editor and public speaker.


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