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Martin Creed: Sketch Restaurant, London

Marinetti’s Futurist Cookbook La cucina Futurista published in 1932 included a Summer Luncheon for Painters and Sculptors, and a Declaration of Love Dinner. But then art, cuisine and luxury have long been part of the Luxe, calme et volupté of the nouveau bohémien art world of celebrity and consumerism. Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy was a sought after table in 1997, while the current, more prosaic, Damien Hirst’s Restaurant in Ilfracombe is decorated with the artist’s butterfly wing motif. Carsten Holler’s pop-up bar The Double Club appeared temporarily in London in 2009 as part of a European art/bar tour; and Bompas and Parr have made the English jelly mould into an architectural icon, and been declared by The Independent as “one of the 15 people who will define the future of the arts in Britain“.

In a long-term programme for an artist-conceived restaurant space, the London restaurant Sketch has employed Martin Creed to influence both palate and palette and “will look to establish a forum for artists’ imaginings and innovations in art, design and social space, creating playful propositions for interaction with art in the public realm.”

Sketch restaurant in Mayfair, London is marking its 10th anniversary by commissioning Martin Creed to redesign their interior, inspire their menus and create an environment that is exhibition, artwork and restaurant in a series of functional and decorative works. The resulting installation is a melange of the mass produced and hand-crafted, from classic antiques to contemporary design from around the world. The floor, walls and furniture are new artworks titled in his sequential numbering with four wall drawings overlaid by 18 paintings, including the series of four canvases Work No. 1100 (2011). Work No. 1347 consists of 96 different types of marble, in a formation of zigzagging lines across the floor. Work No. 1343 is a work in which every single piece of cutlery, glassware, lamp, chair and table used in the restaurant is different.

Sketch’s chef Pierre Gagnaire has designed a menu influenced by Creed’s artwork. Entitled Work No. 1347, Dundee Pinky is a dish thought up by Gagnaire, apparently “whilst watching the sunset in Las Vegas – the pink of the desert contrasting with the bright lights of downtown – while simultaneously reflecting on Martin Creed’s art.”  Ingredients: Dundee Pinky – sweet chilli paste, filo pastry, foie gras, sesame seeds, apple, radish, celery leaves, spring onion; Navet Martin Creed – parmesan cream, goats cheese, coconut, beetroot sauce, lobster, squid ink, black olive jelly.

Sketch was opened in 2002 by restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and chef Pierre Gagnaire. Mazouz established the Sketch Gallery Foundation as a non-profit arts organisation, which has presented over fifty major exhibitions including work by Carsten Nicolai, John Baldessari, Jonas Mekas and Sylvie Fleury, as well as off-site projects such as the CINACT series at The Gate Cinema in collaboration with Serpentine Gallery. Since 2006 the exhibitions programme has been curated by Victoria Brooks.

Martin Creed works across installation, sculpture, music, dance and film. He won the Turner prize with Work No. 227, The lights going on and off. His public realm commission Work No. 1197, All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes will celebrate the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

Images: Sketch photos: Ed Reeve; Marinetti. La cucina Futurista.

Sketch, 9 Conduit St, London W1S2 XG





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