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Art & Christianity Enquiry Awards 2011

The Art & Christianity Enquiry (ACE) Awards celebrate architectural and artistic projects in religious buildings throughout Britain. The short-list included an Islamic Hall of Remembrance, a major stained glass window in a Cathedral as well as art and architecture in small rural parish churches. ACE gives three biennial Awards of £3,000 each for art, architecture and a book.

The ACE Award for Art in a Religious Context: James Hugonin / Anne Vibeke Mou, Contrary Rhythm / Untitled, St John’s Church, Healey, Northumberland. Two commemorative windows at St John’s, Healey between Hexham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Anne Vibeke Mou’s window is a sheet of glass covered with thousands of tiny impact marks made by hitting the glass with a tungsten point, creating cloud-like forms. James Hugonin’s window is a double helix pattern of colourful rectangles of transparent, red, blue, yellow and green glass.

The ACE / RIBA Award for Religious Architecture: Communion Design. St Peter’s Church, Peterchurch, Herefordshire. In association with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The ACE / Mercers’ International Book Award: Margot E Fassler. The Virgin of Chartres: Making History through Liturgy and the Arts, Yale University Press, 2010For an outstanding contribution to the dialogue between religious faith and the visual arts. Supported by the Mercers’ Company.

The winners of ACE Awards were announced at the Bishopsgate Institute, London on 16 November 2011. Art & Christianity Enquiry (ACE) is the UK’s leading organisation in the field of visual art and religion offering educational projects and publications, advice, information and skills. ACE’s activities include curating exhibitions in churches, international conferences, a quarterly journal, web-based listings of modern works of art in churches, education in theological colleges, partnering national art institutions in study days and seminars, providing speakers for lectures and conferences and interfaith work with artists from the three Abrahamic faiths. ACE also published the monograph Contemporary Art in British Churches, eds Laura Moffatt & Eileen Daly. ACE is a membership organisation and welcomes new members (£25 a year).

Images: Windows at St. John’s, Healey. 1. Anne Vibeke Mou. 2. James Hugonin. Courtesy of ACE Trust



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