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Osram Art Projects: Seven Screens. Herlinde Koelbl. 9 November 2011 – 15 May 2012

Herlinde Koelbl’s installation, You have taken away my heart, with one look you have taken it, is the tenth project for the Seven Screens public art platform commissioned by Osram Art Projects in Munich. The title of the work was inspired by Solomon’s Song of Songs and is dedicated to the human being. Herlinde Koelbl is a photographer and documentary filmmaker and her central theme is the importance of seeing, concerned with the origin of perception and the meaning of light, as the basis for the Seven Screens installation. “Everything begins with a look at the world and a look at one’s self: recognizing, perceiving, seeing, communicating.”

Dr. Christian Schoen is Head of the Osram Art Projects and curator of the Seven Screens. Osram Art Projects has been presenting contemporary art since 1966, supporting the promotion of young art through a corporate collection started in 2001.

A catalogue and DVD features projects to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Seven Screens: Mader/Stublic/Wiermann (2006), Diana Thater (2007), Haubitz+Zoche (2007), Anouk De Clercq (2008), Art+Com (2008), Bjørn Melhus (2009), Rúrí (2009), Harun Farocki (2010), Saskia Olde Wolbers (2011). Published by Hatje Cantz. Edited by Christian Schoen with contributions from Adam Budak, Söke Dinkla, Alexander Faller, Hans-Michael Koetzle, Matthias Mühling and Lupe Núñez-Fernández.

Herlinde Koelbl, You have taken away my heart, with one look you have taken it, 2011. Osram Art Projects / Seven Screens,
Hellabrunner Str. 1,
81543 Munich, Germany. 9 November 2011–15 May 2012

Image: Herlinde Koelbl, You have taken away my heart, with one look you have taken it, 2011. Video installation, Seven Screens / Osram Art Projects. Photo: Herlinde Koelbl.


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