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Jacques Rival: IFO. Relay, King’s Cross, London. 17 November 2011

RELAY at King’s Cross, London is a programme of commissioned artworks that will appear gradually during 2012 and 2013 highlighting the emerging cityscape and reflecting the transience and rapid changes evolving through the major urban development. Curated by Michael Pinsky and Stéphanie Delcroix, the programme is launched by Jacque Rival’s IFO (Identified Flying Object). The work is a giant illuminated cage that during the day acts as a framing device for the daily theatre of the street. At night, it will become a luminous spectrum re-emitting the energy it has accumulated. On selected nights, IFO will take off and dramatically hang from the cranes constructing the new King’s Cross. During these nocturnal ascensions, the cage “will reveal its bottomless structure releasing past memories and signalling the next phase of construction”

During 2012 and 2013, RELAY will feature temporary art commissions by Felice Varini, Richard Wentworth and Marjetica Potrc. RELAY has been commissioned by King’s Cross and has received the support of Eurostar; The University of East London; Bam Nuttall and Doublet.

Jacques Rival, IFO, from 17th November 2011. King’s Boulevard, King’s Cross, London N1C

photo: © John Sturrock


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