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The Clipperton Project: Artists and Scientists collaboration into the biosphere, climate change and the environment, March 2012

Clipperton Island (Île de Clipperton or Île de la Passion –  Isla de la Pasión) is an uninhabited nine-sq.kilometre (approx. 3.5-sq.mile) coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean 1250 kilometres from the Mexican coast. The isolated French atoll (postcode 98799 – Fr) has no drinkable water (outside of its eutrophic lagoon), and its main residents are poisonous crabs and rats marooned from sinking ships. The Clipperton Project (TCP) involves a group of twenty artists and scientists, from nine different countries, participating  in a three-week journey to Clipperton in March 2012. They will be investigating Climate Change and the Biosphere, alongside the history of the island and the voyage there. TCP is an idea and a space with study and reflection on  topics including: memory, climate change, habitats, marine life, islands, metagenomics, atolls, nations, voyages, weather, coral reefs, pollution, man and his environment. The scientific and artistic outcome of this journey, “to address public disassociation with environmental issues by presenting scientific and other relevant information through creative processes”  will be exhibited in a variety of institutions, museums and foundations alongside community engagement and educational programmes. Mia Habib, Norwegian dancer and choreographer, is researching Foucault’s notion of Heterotopias in relation to her involvement in TCP. A partnership between Glasgow-based artist Charles Engebretsen with Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has involved a three-month research residency into the museum’s Natural History Zoology and Botany collections in preparation for the expedition. Engebretsen is from the remote Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland and works at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Drawing inspiration from the fishing and crofting communities of his upbringing he combines ideas of biology and evolution, and his work with TCP will be shown in Glasgow Sculpture Studios in Summer 2012.
Image: Charles Engebretsen. Jack Sperm © the artist.
The artists and scientists on TCP include: Jon Bonfiglio (UK) Expedition Leader/Writer/Producer; Mia Habib (Norway) Dancer/Choreographer; Charles Engebretsen (UK) Sculptor; Daniel Kahuda (Czech Republic) Hydrogeologist/Musician; Naim Rahal (Mexico) Photographer; David Biller (USA) Freelance Journalist; Clark Beek (USA) Sailor/Travel Writer; Carlos Ranc (France/Mexico) Visual Artist; Julie Morel (France) Artist/ Artistic Researcher; Martin Machado (USA) Visual Artist/ Professional Seaman; Samuel Etienne (France) Geomorphologist; Katherine Dunlop (UK) Marine Biologist; Robert Schmieder (USA) Physicist/DX Radio Operator; John Kennon (USA) DX Radio Operator; Jim Holm (USA) The Clean Oceans Project; Luis Calderon (Mexico) Marine Biologist; Muthuswamy P. Jonathan (India/Mexico) Geologist; Priyardarsi D. Roy (India/Mexico) Paleoclimatologist/Geochemist; Martin Desmalades (France) Environmental Researcher;  Felipe Sanmartin Suñer (Spain) Historian.

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