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Dominic Besner: MORA – An Urban Fairy Tale. Montreal, Canada, 3 November 2011

Dominic Besner, has prepared an interactive and theatrical vernissage taking place for one night only in a secret warehouse location in Montreal on 3rd November 2011. MORA is an urban fairy tale inspired by a novella written by Besner. He has created over 30 canvases, to be revealed over the course of a show directed by Danielle de Bellefeuille and Guy Caron, artistic director for the Cirque du Soleil. The exhibition-event involves a team of 250 people with paintings materializing before the eyes of the spectators. Besner’s universe is peopled with figures half-human and half-animal inhabiting a magical and ethereal dream space where poetry verges on science fiction and the paintings embody the duality between man and beast. “With the MORA event the artist goes deeper into his imaginary universe by bringing his urban fairy tale to life with the emergence of a new world and the reign of predatory animals, as powerful as humans, who dream of eternity”. Montreal will be the stage for a unique event, that promises something that has never been seen in the world of visual art. 

The MORA tale will become a public exhibition at Galerie MX, Montreal, from 5 November to 14 November 14, 2011.

Dominic Besner was born in 1965 in North Lancaster, Ontario. After studying architecture, he devoted himself to art with multi-disiplinary projects including illustrations, set designs, literary works and plays. For the Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, he erected a monumental wall of paintings, glass and steel. The artist recently exhibited some of his paintings at the Fairmont Beijing, and created a custom mural for the Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa in Atlantic City.

Trailer for MORA by Mensi & Rioux


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