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Will Alsop ‘A Few Friends Friends’ Exhibition. Testbed1, London Design Festival 2011. 19 – 25th September.

Testbed1 is a creative, experimental arts “space with no agenda”, in an ex-dairy in Battersea. Launched in spring 2010 in the architecturally distressed undercroft of a warehouse / office building whose tenants include Will Alsop, Vivienne Westwood and Squint Opera, there is a whiff of Arts Lab and 60s ‘happening’ about the place where anything can happen. “Test Bed: implicitly a place for testing. For testing… what exactly? A wisp of a thought, a nugget of an idea, the beginning of a dream.” Battersea is one of the emerging aesthetic micro-quarters of London, adjacent to the Royal College of Art Sculpture Department and the office of Foster + Partners. The exhibition, Will Alsop ‘A Few Friends Friends’  is, unusually in the era of totalalitarian art curating, a show of work by people who make things.Exhibitors: Will Alsop, Adams Kara Taylor, The AOC, Atelier 1, Bernardas Bagdanvicius, Biblioteque McLean, Box Products, Jane Bustin, Nigel Coates, FAT, Jane Frere, Mel Gooding, Rabih Hage, Hendzel & Hunt, Herrald & Watson, Jabulani, Kite & Laslett, Maid in Barnet, Andrea Mancuso & Emilia Serra, Bruce McLean, Mobile Studio, MUF, Planet 3 Studios, Andree Porter, Danny Rolph, Donald Smith, Christian Spencer-Davies, Squint Opera, Taktal, Tim Thornton, RaT Architecture, Richard Wentworth, Vivienne WestwoodTestbed1 is managed by Nancy Alsop and by The Committee With No Agenda, which includes architect Will Alsop, artist Bruce McLean, ex-Riverside Studios creative director David Gothard, Kevin Cassandro and writer Mel Gooding.

TESTBED1 Exhibition: Will Alsop ‘A Few Friends Friends’ , in conjunction with London Design Festival 2011.  TESTBED1, 33 Parkgate Road, Battersea London SW11 4NP. 19 – 25th September, 9am – 6pm

Images: Testbed1;  Jane Bustin. Sacrifice, 2011

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