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Jungle City, Edinburgh. 6 – 29 September 2011

The cult of street art milch cows has entered a new phase as Jungle City in Edinburgh is an Elephant  Family charity benefit as art meets celebrity meets charity meets city involving 130 artists, designers and football clubs, including Marc Quinn, Jack Vettriano, Gerry Halliwell, Diane von Furstenberg, Emma Bridgewater and both Celtic  FC and Rangers FC. Sadly no elephants but a repertoire of painted hornbill, crocodile, orang-utan and tiger casts of sculptures are presented in the Jungle City project in Edinburgh. Following an exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens in August they are on show across the city from the 6th September. The sculptures will be auctioned by Sotheby’s at the National Museum of Scotland on 29th September.
While the international CowParade is amusing and philanthropic the multiple-sculpture genre has huge potential as a more avant-garde activity. In ironic mood, a Star Wars army of casts of the novelist Will Self would activate the Edinburgh Festival; several thousand Usain Bolt’s could line the London streets for 2012; and there is no limit to the amount of simulcra of Antony Gormley that might pose on the beaches, motorways and architecture of the world.
Images: Hornbill. ‘Hamish’ by Susan Forsyth ARBS.  Crocodile by Olivia Bliss. Tiger by Marc Quinn. Orang Utang by Emily Fogarty and Jonathan Cleaver of Dovecot Studios.
Organised by the charity: Elephant Family who fund conservation projects across Asia.

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