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Jakob+Macfarlane: The Orange Cube, Lyon, France. 2011

Jakob+Macfarlane’s The Orange Cube is a five-storey orange orthogonal cube with a giant circular void scooped out of the upper corner on the riverside of the building, a second hole creating an entrance into the building and a façade resembling a textile latticework. Opened in February 2011 the building was designed as a part of an urban planning project to create a commercial and cultural complex along the Quai Rambaud on the River Saône sited in the old docks of French city of Lyon. The Orange Cube combines 6,300 sq.m of versatile spaces with offices, design showrooms and a viewing platform on the top-floor terrace.  The orange colour was suggested by the colour of industrial lead paint associated with harbour zones. Although one resident of the big orange building described (positively) the office environment as like working in a giant gruyere cheese.

Jakob+MacFarlane (Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane) are architects based in Paris, France.  Their current projects include the Docks of Lyon with two buildings in Lyon, the Frac Architecture Exhibition Center in Orléans, a Dance and Music Conservatory in Noisy-le-Sec and the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris.  The Orange Cube. Architects: Jakob + Macfarlane Architects
 Location: Quai Rambaud, Lyon, France
 Client: Rhône Saône Développement.








Images: Jakob+Macfarlane Architects. The Orange Cube. Quai Rambaud, Lyon, France. All images courtesy Jakob+Macfarlane

Image 1. © Roland Halbe. Image 2. © Roland Halbe.
Image 3. © Roland Halbe. Image 4. © Nicolas Borel.
Image 5. © Roland Halbe


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