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Olafur Eliasson: Your rainbow panorama, 2006-2011. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark

Olafur Eliasson’s Your rainbow panorama is a transparent spectrum coloured viewing diorama on the roof of the ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art building in Denmark. The concept behind the work is a reference to Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’, with the rooftop artwork completing the connection between heaven and the underworld in the form of a metaphorical exhibition concept. Your rainbow panorama represents paradise folowing a journey up the mountain of purgatory from‘The 9 Spaces‘ in the basement level of the museum, including works by Bill Viola, James Turrell, Tony Oursler, and Pipilotti Rist.

Olafur Eliasson has created this permanent work of art in the form of a circular walkway on the roof of the museum building designed by Danish architects schmidt hammer lassen http://shl.dk in 2004, with panoramic views of the surrounding city and Århus Bay. The work is 150-metres in length and 3-metres wide made in glass in all the colours of the spectrum. It has a diameter of 52-metres and is mounted on slender columns 3.5-metres above the 1,500-square metre timbered roof surface of the museum creating a viewing platform some fifty metres about street level. The glass consists of 2 x 12 mm layers of laminated glass  heat-reinforced and laminated together, and wrapped around as many as six coloured sheets to create the individual shades. At night, Your rainbow panorama is illuminated by lamps in the floor.

Your rainbow panorama enters into a dialogue with the existing architecture and reinforces what is assured beforehand, that is to say the view of the city. I have created a space which virtually erases the boundaries between inside and outside – where people become a little uncertain as to whether they have stepped into a work or into part of the museum. This uncertainty is important to me, as it encourages people to think and sense beyond the limits within which they are accustomed to move”. Olafur Eliasson

Your rainbow panorama opened on May 28th 2011 as a partnership between ARoS, the Municipality of Aarhus and Realdania. The 60 million Danish kroner (£7 / $11.25 million) cost of the artwork was financed by Realdania, while the roof terrace was funded by Købmand Herman Sallings Fond.

Images: Your rainbow panorama, 2006-2011. Opened on 28th May 2011 at ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark. Photos by Ole Hein Pedersen & Studio Olafur Eliasson. © 2006 – 2011 Olafur Eliasson. Drawing and Model – courtesy of ARoS.

Your rainbow panorama – Statement by Olafur Eliasson




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