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Huttenfestival de Vlek (Hut Festival ‘The Stain’): Building a temporary settlement together. Tilburg, the Netherlands. 3 – 11 September 2011

Huttenfestival de Vlek (Hut Festival ‘The Stain’), taking place at the Railway Zone (Spoorzone) in Tilburg, the Netherlands from 3 – 11 September 2011 is a collaboration of artists, designers, architects, entertainers and visitors of all ages working together to create The Stain’ (‘De Vlek’) a real working village within a disused railway maintainance site, adjacent to Tilburg train station in the centre of this city built on the textile industries. complete with a village square, a theatre, a factory, a pub/restaurant, a large fireplace and a playground.

Why De Vlek, ‘The Stain? A ‘stain’ is the name that was used to call a (temporary) settlement in times gone by. These settlements were entitled to special rights. The shape of each settlement was determined by the environment, using construction materials that were available at that time. By building a fire place and making fire, you could claim the land for your family.

Designers and architects were selected to design and build small temporary structures using donated recycled building materials. Onix Architects from Groningen, Studio Boot from Den Bosch, Detours from Denmark, La Bolleur and Piet Hein Ee from Eindhoven, Observatorium and 2012 Architecten from Rotterdam, Frank Havermans from Heeswijk, Hilberink Bosch Architects from Berlicum.

De Vlek is a playground for established practitioners and students. Through the Festival participants and visitors will experience the alchemy of bespoke building on site, with a backdrop of live-music and theatre and of course, a bar. The site is wonderfully open, with visitors roaming through the building sites, cavernous railway sheds, along rusted track lines, around the train turntable  with a refreshing minimum of ‘health and safety’ restrictions. Everyone is welcome to participate all week long or just for the day in the construction of this temporary village and help to put the Duchy of Brabant on the (inter)national map.

Huttenfestival de Vlek Hut Festival ‘The Stain’ – Building a temporary settlement together.
Open daily from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th September 2011 from 10:00 to 21:00
Saturday 3rd September – Thursday 8th September 2011: admission free of charge for adults and children.
Friday 9th – Sunday 11th September 2011 (cultural activities in the afternoon and evening): admission is 3 euros for adults, free for children under 12.

Text by Eileen Woods.


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