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War Rooms: Listen! An evening of wartime entertainment. Monday 29 August 2011

War Rooms: Listen!   an evening of wartime entertainment. Monday 29 August 2011. What happens when ‘THE SUBJECT OF WAR’ meets ‘THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ART’. In 2011 WAR seems ever present in one form or another. Unlike the Artists’ Rifles (1882-1921), artists today take on this subject at a time of their choosing and not always in reaction to a specific conflict. Being neither journalists nor historians, they are free from troublesome responsibilities. The next time you visit the Royal Academy, before entering its doors look to your right and there you will see a plaque to the ARTISTS RIFLES ASSOCIATION. On their website you will see a reference to their badge which consists of two heads, one being Mars – God of War and the other Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom. I would like to finish with a quote from one of their songs:

“Mars, he was the God of war, and didn’t stop at trifles. Minerva was a bloody whore. So hence The Artists’ Rifles.”  Gerry Smith 2011

Listen! Programme 

London Calling will be playing as you enter the gallery

Could we please have your attention
An introduction to the evening entertainment by Danielle Arnaud and Gerry Smith

Ooh Wee Ooh Wee Ooh, a sound piece by Ryan Roberts with Jo Novy and Gerry Smith

World War Two – George Salisbury, aged 92, tells his story to his daughter, film
George sends a talking message to his Mum from Karachi, India on 3 September 1945 (VJ Day)
Lochman talking photo system

Hywel Wyn Jones will read various texts throughout the evening

Mini-Cars, film by William English

What do artists do about WAR, a few words from Gerry Smith

The Olympics during times of War, reading


Listening To The Generals, a radio play by Adam Ganz
The story of how German Jews who had fled the Nazis were tasked with secretly recording and transcribing the conversations between German generals imprisoned in a north London mansion during the Second World War

THE WAR ROOMS – John Allman, Marcel Broodthaers,  Fran Burden, Sandra Cross,  William English,  Hywel Wyn Jones,  Barry Kemp, Denzil Forrester,  Oona Grimes,  Tony Grisoni,  Tony Hayward, Christian Israel,  David Lamelas,  Karl Maibaum,  Ulla Maibaum,  Paddy Molloy,  Philip Parkinson,  Marius Pfannenstiel, Kevin Rowe,  Gerry Smith,  Walter Swennen,  Sabine Thöele. Curated by Gerry Smith

War Rooms: Listen!   an evening of wartime entertainment
Monday 29 August 2011 7-9pm (doors will open at 6.30pm). Booking essential, please contact the gallery to reserve a space: danielle@daniellearnaud.com  – T. +44(0) 20 7735 8292


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