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WikiHouse: Gwangju Design Biennale – September 2 – 23 October 2011

In the spirit of Buckminster Fuller meets IKEA meets Grand Designs, WikiHouse is an open community project that will potentially allow any of us to design and build our own homes through the online sharing of designs. Users will be able to download openly available plans and components, which can then be adapted to suit individual needs using Google’s free 3D modelling programme, Google Sketch Up. Templates can be generated as a set of drawings readable by a common computer operated mill and cut from locally sourced, standardised plywood sheets. Houses can be constructed from these giant cut jigsaw pieces without the need for power tools. From design to build the entire process requires little specialist skill and is extremely low cost.

The team behind WikiHouse are London based strategy and design partnership 00:/, Momentum Engineering, art and engineering collective Espians, and writer and curator Beatrice Galilee. The first WikiHouse will be constructed later this year at the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea.






Gwangju Design Biennale – September 2 – 23 October 2011 http://gb.or.kr/?mid=main_eng

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I am an artist, writer, and architectural historian. My interests and practice lay at the intersections of art, literature, architecture, and landscape. In the field of architecture I am particularly engaged in questions of conservation and re-use. I currently co-ordinate the Postgraduate Diploma programme in the Conservation of Historic Buildings at the Architectural Association, London.


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