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Flow: Site-specific artworks on the waterways of Northamptonshire

FLOW, is a countywide series of new site specific artworks focussed on the waterways of the Grand Union and Oxford Canals and the River Nene in Northamptonshire, a landlocked county of ‘spires and squires’ in the East Midlands.

Featured artworks include: Steve Messam’s Nene Nine, a series of nine red spires using materials that reflect both the traditions of narrow boat building and the county’s long-standing connection with leather, located along a mile-long section of the Grand Union Canal and the River Nene. Jo Fairfax’s Towering Light uses a combination of LED lighting, digital film projection and high powered lasers to illuminate and animate Northamptonshire’s Water Towers. Charles Monkhouse’s Sywell Echo explores the history of the drowned valley in Sywell County Park and Reservoir by redrawing its hidden geography with 160 LEDs floating above the reservoir’s surface. The beds of the old streams beneath still define the confluence of three parishes. Each light, precisely located above the ‘ghost’ stream below recreates within its watery reflection, the old waterways and boundaries.

FLOW is part of the Igniting Ambition Festival 2011 and UK Cultural Olympiad. 18 – 29 August 2011. Further participatints included Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts and The Fishmarket Gallery.

Image: Steve Messam. Nene Nine.


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