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Asif Khan: Future Memory Pavilion. Singapore ArchiFest. 3-28 October 2011

Asif Khan has been commissioned to create the Future Memory Pavilion for the 2011 Singapore ArchiFest. The project seeks to initiate and explore a discussion about memory; its connotations and implications for art, architecture and urban space. Dealing with the issues of land and climate, which lie at the heart of Singapore’s heritage, he will create a structure made from ice and sand that will mutate during the lifespan of the project. Historically ice and sand have been imported to Singapore both for cooling and expanding the island.

“Khan’s sketch reveals an elemental design made of ice and sand that will morph during the course of the festival. It captures the spirit of a fascinating line of architectural enquiry, and a contradiction inherent to futuristic design: no matter how apparently innovative they are, buildings retain powerful memories of past. Even as architects try to construct the future, it slips away and becomes the past – just as Khan’s pavilion will slowly dissolve back into the Earth and a state of timelessness.” Jonathan Glancey. The Guardian. July 15 2011.

The idea of a ‘future memory’ in architecture is to be debated in a forum and workshops in the Future Memory Pavilion in Singapore to explore the relationship between past, present and future, addressing a perceived contradiction between forward-looking design and that which retains memories of the past.

Asif Khan is a London architect whose work includes craft, furniture and product design. He is Design Miami 2011 Designer of the Future. Past projects include: Cloud, exhibited during Design Miami/Basel; West Beach Café in Littlehampton; and Harvest for Design Museum London.

The Future Memory Pavilion aims to raise awareness in Singapore of the younger generation of British architects and is organised by the British Council, in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts, London and the Preservation of Monuments Board, Singapore.

Image: Asif Khan. Concept drawing for Future Memory Pavilion, Singapore.



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One thought on “Asif Khan: Future Memory Pavilion. Singapore ArchiFest. 3-28 October 2011

  1. Fantastic, I will be visiting Singapore soon in August to set up a London- Singapore Artist Studio and residency project, and then opening a new studio there in Autumn, so I will be sure to pop in on my travels.

    Posted by Nicola Anthony | July 17, 2012, 2:32 pm

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